Hair Color Manufacturer

What makes a best hair color manufacturer?

There are several factors that can contribute to a hair color manufacturer being considered "great" or "best of" to satnd out from the rest:

If you are looking for the best Italian hair color manufacturers that can produce high-quality, safe products, is innovative and responsive to customer needs, and operates in a sustainable manner. Get in contact, we can help you create your private label hair color brand.

What are your minimums?

Our minimums are 50,000 hair color tubes and 1000 pcs per shade. We have several factories and for some of our largest customers we allocate an entire factory output for their production.

What size do you produce?

We specialize in 3.4oz (100ml) aluminum hair color tubes. We can product PPD, PPD Free, Ammonia Free & 10 minute professional permanent hair color tubes.

What is the hair color manufacturing process?

There are several steps involved in the manufacturing process for private label hair color production:

Overall, the hair color manufacturing process for Italian hair color is a complex and carefully controlled process that involves multiple steps to ensure that the final product meets the desired specifications.

Get in contact and we can guide you to select the best in Italian hair color manufacturing for your private label hair color project. From low volume 50,000 tubes to a dedicated factory for your hair color.

Hair color manufacturing
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